Monday, November 1, 2010

Be Your Own Designer!

I stumbled upon the coolest website a while ago and I wanted to share it with you.  Have you ever dreamed of designing your own fabric?  Do you look at wallpaper designs and say to yourself, "Man I wish I had a shirt like that?"  Now is your chance.  Spoonflower is an easy to use website and community where you can create and print your own fabrics! says, “Offers crafters a truly revolutionary chance to have their custom designs printed onto fabric.”  True Up: All Fabric all the Time declares it as the next best thing to Etsy.  I love this site.  I haven't even taken the opportunity to create my own fabric....I am addicted to its weekly contests and love voting on the themed fabrics.  Oh..this site is to die for!

While you are there, check out Heather Ross's new collection, Macaroni Love Story.  How cute would pinafores and play dresses be in these prints? 

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