Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Project Idea #8 and #9

I know, I know...these should be Holiday project crafts not wedding projects, but when I saw these votive candles on ruffled, I coudn't resist!  Using old pages from a book or dictionary, wrap them around a votice candle, hurricane, or jar to give a plain candle a new life!  When lit, the paper takes on a vellum effect and creates a smoldering glow.  These candles would be the perfect gift for a book lover, candle collector, or English teacher (hint hint). 

I posted my last Christmas project activity as DIY vodka.  I am not an avid drinker, I swear, but how sweet would this homemade Irish Cream (or non-alcoholic coffee creamer) be for your co workers or as party favors for your Holiay get together.  Also from ruffled, this recipe is one that is at the top of my Holiday to do list.  Check it out here.

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