Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas Projects Idea #1

How many of you are strapped for cash around the Holiday season?  That's what I thought.  I spend tons of time from the beginning of November up until the wee minutes before we venture home for the holidays, creating Christmas gifts for family and loved ones.  This year, I am being a little more creative than my scrapbook calenders of years past.  In my venture for new ideas for gifts, I will share with you the fun tutorials I stumble upon.  Just call me Mrs. Clause.

For my first Christmas project, I am in love with this wall art.  Archiver's website has an online pdf for download explaining to you step by step how to create your own scrapbooked painter's tray.  You could buy Archiver's produced version of the tray (minus the photos and papers) for a cost.  My suggestion: go vintage.  This weekend during a shopping trip to the antique stores in Weston, MO, I stumbled across several of these old-school beauties.  The worn wood and imperfect lines and leftover paint will only add to the whimsy of this artwork. 

Click here for the PDF guide:  This is a super easy project to do and if you are at all scrappy like me, will take you no time at all to finish!

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