Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I know I have expressed my love of paper dolls before.  Okay, before you make fun, I am almost 26 years old, and yes, I do love paper dolls.  I used to own all of the American Girl Paper dolls (we couldn't afford the actual doll) before American Girls became big...and did I mention big.  I can't believe the store here in KC.  A hair salon for dolls?  Anyway, I am totally off subject (but slightly perturbed at the things girls can do today that we did not have when we were younger...)  I am done with that tangent, I swear.  The ladies over at Red Velvet Art have their own coloring book and paper dolls.  Isn't that wonderful.  Now when you are stuffing stockings this year for Christmas, you can stick one in your daughter's, and then when she is not looking, you can borrow them for a little playdate.  They are so much fun and would even look great hung in a frame in a playroom or bedroom.  How perfect for yourse---I mean young ones!

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