Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We're Talking Resolutions

If you are like me, you aim high when you are making your New Year's Resolution.  Mine it to run one race each month for the  year of 2011.  Well, like most people, I am trying to fulfill to things that I have had as my resolution in the past: to include more exercise in my life, and to lose weight! 

Well, these next few weeks I am going to give you the Scrappiness Guide to New Year's Resolutions, and ways to help you accomplish those common ones that just don't seem to work!

My first resolution:  Learn something new! 

There are two different ways to accomplish this easy task.  I just stopped by Urban Arts & Crafts the other day (a locally owned paper, yarn and fabric boutique) and oogled at the new list of craft classes starting in 2011.  This locally owned craft store is located here in Kansas City in Briarcliffe Village.  Google craft stores in your area and see what types of classes they have to offer.  Urban offers classes on wool felting, knitting, jewelry making, soldering, and many many more funky items that you can not find at your momma's craft store.  (I think only my sister may understand that one!)

You could also sign up for an e-course.  Elsie Flanigan, from A Beautiful Mess, offers a wide variety of online courses from how to go vintage, how to blog, or how to create a paper journal. 

Etsy is also a source for learning new tools of the trade.  They offer what is called a Virtual Lab, and will teach you randomness from the world of handmade. 

Or, if scrapbooking is what you crave to do (or digital scrapbooking) check out Two Peas in a Bucket.  The site offers tutorials, articles and even digital classes to help you master the craft of scrapbooking.  Once you arrive at the site, be sure to click the Education link at the far right of the page.  This will give you all the direction you may need. 

Okay, so how is that for starters.  If you dream of learning or mastering a new hobby, hopefully one of these links will help.

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