Monday, December 13, 2010

To Do List:

Lately, this blog has become such a mish mash of things that I have created a new description for it: my virtual to do list.  A combination of things that I plan on doing (someday) and if I don't post them on here, I have no idea how I will ever find the page again to complete this someday project.

Here are two more of the said projects.  Thanks to Abby with Sew Much Ado, I have found two EASY and free tutorials to complete for Willow's warmer weather wardrobe.  The first one is for Baby Leg Warmers.  After I read this tutorial, a light bulb went off in me head and I said, "Oh, that's how they do them."  Duh.  The second one is for a ruffle skirt out of an old t-shirt!  Well, Blake and I just so happen to have HUNDREDS of old t-shirts.  I bet you do too!

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